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Do you travel?

Yes, we travel far and wide. Travel is free within 50km of Canberra, ACT. A small fee is charged per km outside 50kms.

How do we book you?

It’s simple, fill out our form on ‘contact us’ page and we will send you a proposal.

Is glassware included?

Yes, glassware is included in all our packages.


Do you provide alcohol

No, we don’t provide alcohol. This means you don’t pay any mark ups and you can select the drinks your guests will enjoy!


Is ice included?

We supply ice to serve drinks and keep bottled drinks cool during the event.


How do I cool my drinks?

Drinks will need to be chilled prior to our arrival. It can take more than 3 hrs to chill drinks on a hot day. The easiest way to do this is to hire a cool room.

Can you help with the menu?

We sure can! We have a list of must haves which we have found to be popular with guests.

Do you need power?

Yes. Ideally, we need 2 power outlets (bar fridges and coffee machine) If you don’t have power we can always bring our generators.

What is Gracey’s dimensions?

4m long and 2.5m wide

Does the ground need to be level?

Yes, we need a flat surface.


Do you offer table service?

Although table service is not included in our standard packages, we are happy to arrange additional staff to provide table service for your guests.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to move your event date we will be happy to do so if the date is available.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, if your venue requires a copy please let us know and we will be happy to provide a copy.

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